Aerial Advertising

While Bailey Balloons passenger rides are now operated by Virgin Balloon Flights, we will continue to offer balloon advertising and sponsorship services through Clive and Jo.

More information will be available here soon.

Imagine flying existing customers or potential new clients in your own Hot Air Balloon. Picture your corporate colours or logo ascending into the skies accompanied by the roar of the burner. Hot Air Balloons are innovative and attention grabbing media vehicles guaranteed to create interest in any product or organisation, generating desire and action in almost all target audiences.

Research suggests that the direct cost of balloon advertising ‘per thousand opportunities to see’ is lower then the figure for newspapers, posters, radio or television, furthermore, these figures only take into account people who actually saw the balloon, not the ‘editorial’ press and television coverage of this very visual medium. No TV commercial or newspaper advert can compete with the excitement, attention and awareness a Hot Air Balloon creates.

Aerosaurus Balloons can help you design, construct and manage an advertising programme tailored to your business needs, whether your own balloon or one of ours with your company name and logo. Over an average sized town with a population of 125,000+ a balloon in flight would be seen by over 25,000 people. In addition we also attend numerous shows, carnivals and trade exhibitions each year as well as balloon fiestas which can attract over 25,000 people along with local and national media coverage. For a chat about raising your image call us now.

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Hot Air Balloon-Banner Advertising

A large banner across the centre of the envelope on a 3-5 person balloon is approx 4.5m high and 10-12m wide, with your logo or lettering being approx 4m in height it is able to be clearly seen by the naked eye. Rented banner space starts at under £5,000 per annum.

Advertisement on a Whole Hot Air Balloon Envelope

A typical advertising balloon envelope (basket size for 3-5 people) has a surface area of 200 sheet poster and an average lifespan of 4 – 5 years. It is possible to digitally print onto the balloon surface with exceptional detail or in the case of wishing to change a logo or message, using a fitted banner.

Special Shape Hot Air Balloon Creation

We are able to make a flying replica of virtually any product which is guaranteed to catch people’s attention and always draws in crowds as well as generating much media interest. Famous special shaped balloons include the Financial Times newspaper, Michelin Man and Bertie Bassett.