Flight Types

At Aerosaurus Balloons we offer a wide range of flight vouchers so that we can create the perfect balloon flight experience for you. Please see below to find out everything you need to know about our specific flight types. You are also able to purchase gift vouchers which can be used towards any of our flights to treat a friend or family member to a memory they will never forget.

  • Early Bird Vouchers
  • Standard Vouchers
  • The Aerosaurus Absolute Voucher
  • Weekday Vouchers

We also offer Private or Longer Duration FlightsCorporate Balloon Flights and Nationwide Flights. All of our vouchers can be upgraded to these options after purchase.

All of our balloon flights are customisable and easy to upgrade, so whether you’d like to add a ‘balloon in a box’ or any other feature, please contact us and we will help you arrange the ultimate ballooning experience.

Early Bird Balloon Vouchers

For passengers who have frequent weekday morning availability, Early Bird vouchers are a great way to save money and see beautiful sunrises on a balloon flight. These enable you to take a hot air balloon flight Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) mornings only. You will find a considerable cost saving and experience the sheer beauty of the South West at the most peaceful time of day.

If your availability changes and an Early Bird Voucher ceases to be the correct option, you can easily upgrade at a later date to either a Standard Flight Voucher, enabling you to fly during evenings and weekends, or a Weekday Flight Voucher enabling you to fly during weekday mornings and evenings.

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Weekday Vouchers

For passengers who have weekday availability, Weekday Flight Vouchers enable you to take your hot air balloon flight Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) morning or evening. These flights represent a cost saving and offer the flexibility of a dawn or dusk flight, both times of the day which create stunning views of the natural landscape at sunrise or sunset.  If your availability changes and a Weekday Voucher is no longer the correct option for you, you have the option to upgrade at a later date to Standard Flight Voucher, enabling you to fly at the weekend.

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Standard Balloon Flight Vouchers

For passengers who require ultimate flexibility, our Standard Flight Vouchers are valid for all of our scheduled balloon flights and from all our meeting locations, weekdays and weekends, including bank holidays, dawn and dusk. Therefore you can craft the dream ballooning experience with complete freedom.

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Nationwide Flight Vouchers

Should your circumstances change and you need to take your hot air balloon ride elsewhere in the UK, our standard vouchers can easily be upgraded to Nationwide Flight Vouchers, and we can transfer you to another Balloons Over Britain operator anywhere in the UK.

Aerosaurus Absolute Vouchers

The best of ballooning, our Aerosaurus Absolute Vouchers are 12 month open-dated balloon flight vouchers enabling participants to take a dawn or dusk balloon flight, valid any day of the week or weekend and from any of our meeting locations. across the South West. The voucher is the perfect present for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself, and arrives in a gorgeous large candy striped presentation box complete with:

  • 18″ helium balloon with a choice of messages
  • Aerosaurus Baseball cap (choice of navy or black)
  • Gift pack including personalised flight voucher and passenger booklet.

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How to find out about flight availability

Flight availability can be easily checked online, allowing you to manage every step of organising your ideal balloon flight with the click of a button. However, if you would like to speak to someone you are welcome to phone our office. However you wish to book a flight, you can reserve a space by quoting your name and booking reference/voucher number.