Environmental Awareness

Information on Virgin Balloon Flights Sustainability can be found on their website.

Aerosaurus is committed to doing its part in maintaining a sustainable environment and complies with all environmental legislation and regulations.

Ways in which we try to reduce our impact on the environment include:

Energy Saving

Part of all new employees orientation includes a brief on being environmentally aware – turning lights off, turning of all electronic equipment at the end of a working day etc. Aerosaurus also uses energy saving light bulbs throughout the premises.


All the champagne bottles used during our balloon flights are recycled. In addition Aerosaurus Balloons recycles printer ink cartridges and separates its rubbish – we even have a compost bin!

Our Vehicles

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are one of the main contributors to poor air quality in urban areas and global warming. Aerosaurus’s petrol Land Rovers are converted to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) this is a clean and convenient source of energy and helps reduce emissions.

Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions

Since 2008 we have planted over 50 trees to help offset our carbon emissions.  We are currently looking into ways of reducing our carbon footprint further through various longer term schemes.  Come back soon for more details!

You Can Help

You can help by only printing pages from our site if really needed. In addition, if you are making a purchase or require more information please allow us to send this to you electronically to save resources. We also encourage passengers to use public transport to get to our meeting locations.  If you wish to offer any ideas to Aerosaurus as to how else we might reduce our impact on the environment please e-mail us.