Hotel Information

Millions of holidays in the UK each year include some form of adventure activity.

Hot air balloon rides can be tricky as far as tourism goes, due to them being fully weather dependent.

When booked in advance, there is no way of knowing whether conditions are safe for it to go ahead until a few hours before the flight itself. This is why Virgin Balloon Flights doesn’t recommend booking a special hotel stay for a balloon ride, unless you were planning to go for a short break anyway and your balloon flight just happened to coincide with it.

However, we do know that in the South West particularly, hot air ballooning is an activity that lots of visitors to the region are keen to do.

If you are a local hotel and have guests that ask about hot air balloon rides, Virgin Balloon Flights is more than happy for you to get in touch to see whether there is any availability at a close by launch site.

If so, your guests would be very welcome to book on and if the flight didn’t end up taking place due to the weather being unsuitable, their flight voucher could simply be taken back for them to use again closer to home.

Flights are scheduled daily from March to October. Contact for more information.