Our Fleet and Equipment

Virgin Balloon Flights has a beautiful fleet of big, red iconic balloons that have been flying over the West Country for as long as we have at Aerosaurus Balloons.

Here’s a nostalgic look at some of our old balloons. Sadly the large passenger ones have been retired but you might still see some of our smaller balloons flying over the region in future.

Aerosaurus Balloons Ltd uses some of the most modern and safest balloons available in the market, from world leading balloon manufacturers such as Cameron Balloons Ltd (UK), Lindstrand Balloons Ltd (UK) and Ultramagic (Spain).

All equipment is checked regularly and automatically before and after each flight. All of our hot air balloons are inspected once a year as a legal requirement.  As a result our balloon’s (and pilots!) all have a fantastic track record.

As a balloon operator we’re guided and get our balloons checked by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) officers. If you want to find out more about how we maintain our balloons then contact us.

Our Hot Air Balloons

Red Letters Day Balloon

Registration: G-RLDZ

Size: 315

Maufacturer: Cameron Balloons

Information: Our newest hot air balloon built in 2015 by Cameron Balloons for Red Letter Days and first launched at the 2015 Bristol Balloon Fiesta! This balloon is used for standard balloon rides throughout Dorset and Wiltshire during the summer months and based at our Dorset depo.

Aerosaurus Flights Balloon

Registration: G-CFFL

Size: 317

Manufacturer: Lindstrand envelope with Ultramagic basket and burners.

Information: Acquired in July 2008. This balloon is used for private/exclusive flights throughout the South West of England as well as standard balloon rides throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. It can carry up to 16 passengers (excluding pilot).

Private Flights Balloon

Registration: G-CCRS

Size: 210

Manufacturer: Lindstrand

Information: This balloon is used for private and exclusive balloon flights. It also acts as a spare hot air balloon for busy periods and ballooning festivals.

Bristol and West Balloon

Registration: G-CBNW

Size: 105
Manufacturer: Cameron Balloons
Information: Our Bristol & West Balloon used for 2 – 3 person exclusive flights in the South West