Hot Air Balloon Flight Experiences

All Aerosaurus Balloons flights will now take place with Virgin Balloon Flights. Find out more about their service on the Virgin Balloon Flights website.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Experiences

Many view hot air ballooning with curiosity and mystique. What is it like up there? What can you see? What about the landing? Is it cold?

Since 1987, Aerosaurus enabled over 80,000 passengers to experience the magic of a hot air balloon ride, so let us provide some of the answers…

What to expect from a balloon flight…

A balloon flight is a form of flying like no other. You can see in 360 degrees for miles on end, and your flight feels absolutely uninhibited and free.

As the landscape shrinks into miniature, a model world appears below and familiar landmarks take on new perspectives. Whether you are close to the ground viewing the fascinating wildlife, up amongst the clouds marvelling at their powdery appearance, or peering down at dramatic cliffs, rolling hills and toybox towns, you will be intrigued by this aerial mystery tour.

Hot air balloons are flown first thing in the morning and last thing in the early evening during daylight hours from spring to autumn and sometimes, throughout the day in the colder months, subject to weather and suitable ground conditions (see below).

Ballooning – an experience for everyone!

A hot air balloon flight is a wonderful experience for absolutely everyone. You don’t have to be an adrenaline-lover, balloon flights are in fact very calming experiences known for allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the spectacular views. We have flown passengers from seven to one hundred years of age over the past 25 years, so ballooning really is an activity for all.

For more information about flying restrictions for people with medical conditions, disabilities or mobility issues please read our FAQs.  We cannot fly anyone who is pregnant or who has recently had major surgery.

Balloon flights with Aerosaurus Balloons

Here at Aerosaurus Balloons, we know that ballooning is a fantastic experience whether you are booking a one-person slot or a large group. Individuals or small parties are combined with other parties to make up complete flights. On such a special occasion our passengers always gel so brilliantly together, from all helping with the rigging and derigging on the balloon, to marvelling together at the stunning views, mutually enjoying this thrill of a lifetime.

We also provide a number of other special flight arrangements and customisable options. Aerosaurus are always delighted to help you add the magic to your occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, proposal or even a wedding.

Our fleet can also attend corporate events, whether to fly your attendees providing an amazing experience or simply to create a beautiful backdrop. We can aid in promotions, openings, festivals and a whole range of arrangements to make your event that extra bit special.

Find our more about our Corporate Balloon Rides or Private Small Balloon Flights For Two

Weather conditions

Hot air balloon flights are subject to weather conditions for the safety of our passengers. If we are unable to fly on your preferred date, your flight will moved forward to the next mutually convenient date. For these reasons we cannot guarantee balloon flights on specific dates, although we will try our best to arrange a flight that works well for you. The most important aspects of the weather are that there must be wind speeds of less than 12 mph, good visibility, a stable atmosphere and no rain or snow.

As hot air ballooning is so weather dependent, we try to counteract this problem by providing maximum flexibility for our passengers. Aerosaurus provide a full time, 7 days a week service and have several hot air balloons varying in size from 12 to 16 passengers. We offer balloon flights daily during the flying season from a choice of beautiful launch sites in CornwallMid & East DevonSouth DevonSomersetDorset or Wiltshire.

What our balloon flight passengers say

“Absolutely brilliant! From initial email enquiry (to make sure I could bring my grandson aged 7) to dropping us back to the Westward Inn the service was faultless. Everyone was so accommodating and helpful, and even gave Callum something to stand on so he could see over the edge of the basket. First class service.”

“This was truly an amazing and fulfilling experience that both my wife and I will truly cherish. Our pilot was superb and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The views were amazing and we could see from portland to the lundy island. The balloon ride was warm, comfortable and we are both very happy to recommend this experience to anyone else who is considering something special.”