54th Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett International Gas Balloon Race

30th September 2010    Events

The oldest and most prestigious aeronautical race in the world has been going on, from last Saturday (25/09/2010) to yesterday (30/09/2010), with over 20 teams taking part from 11 different countries from around the world.

The famous event started in Bristol (Somerset / Avon Area) this year after Team Great Britain won in 2008, lead by David Hempleman-Adams, allowing us the hosting rights.

The Rules Of The Event

Gas Balloon Race

The rules for the event are simple, the winning team is determined as being the team who travels the furthest distance, whilst the goal of the event is to promote the development of the sport of gas ballooning by an international comparison of pilots’ performance and ballooning materials.

First place went to Swiss Balloon Pilots Kurt Frieden & Pascal Witpraechtiger who flew a total of 2434.3KM from Bristol, ending up to the East of Romania, near to Aerosaurus Romania! In at second place was Germany, closely followed by the British Winners of 2008 (David Hempleman-Adams and Simon Carey).

Below is a list of the top 5 winners:

1st – Swiss (2434.3KM)

2nd – Germany (2312.69KM)

3rd – Great Britain (2008.89KM)

4th – Germany (1530.47KM)

5th – France (1804.85KM)

On Wednesday Morning (29th of September) sadly one of the Famous Gas Balloons went missing over the Adriatic Sea. The balloon, captained by American Pilots Richard Abruzzo and Carol Rymer-Davis, was last picked up on it’s tracking device as being at 9,000ft and travelling 7KT (8.05MPH) in an area where there had been thunderstorm warnings issued. Since the disappearance and loss of communication with the balloon the flight control from Bristol issued emergency rescue services to the scene consisting of several aircraft and a fast moving patrol boat. Nothing has been found so far, however they remain positive and Aerosaurus sends its’ regards to all involved and hope for a speedy rescue of the famous Aeronauts.

Website – 54th Coupe Aeronautique Gordon Bennett 2010 International Gas Balloon Race

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