Aerosaurus Celebrates Royal Marines’ 350th Anniversary!

11th June 2014    Events

“They are a formidable and versatile company of warriors as highly trained as any the world as seen,” said Winston Churchill of the Royal Marines. He was certainly right, and decades later, the marines continue to protect our country every day across the world. The 31st May was the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines, and Aerosaurus was honoured to be involved in the celebrations, at the Barracks in Lympstone near Exmouth.

In true impressive marine style, a group of the Corps have commemorated the event by cycling, skiing, sailing, canoeing and running 4136 miles from Norway in the 1664 Challenge which has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity. Six of these members ran through Exmouth in the 31st with the Marines troops as they speed-marched through along the seafront, led by drummers from the Royal Marines Band and Volunteer Cadet Corps. It was a truly inspiring sight to see the Corps family display their skills through Lymptone and Exmouth for all to see.

Celebrating Service with Hot Air Balloons

We were delighted to take a balloon to the Lympstone barracks with the Marines and join the celebrations of 350 years’ of proud service. Our balloon flights were used as a viewing platform for over 200 officers and their partners to overlook the Exe Estuary, Starcross, Exmouth, Dawlish Warren and Lympstone. Our groups of marines lifted off from the cheering community crowds to the skies and enjoyed a few moments of relaxation in what we hope was an enjoyable reward for their dedication and hard work. It was wonderful to see these amazing individuals gaze over the Exmouth countryside before landing to return to the day’s celebrations.

History of the Royal Marines

The Royal Marines were first formed in 1664 under the reign of Charles II as the Admiral’s Regiment, but were not known as the Royal Marines until 1802 when King George III bestowed upon them this prodigious name. Today, they are comprised of the UK’s Commando Forces and the Royal Navy amphibious troops. They have taken part in more land and sea battles across the globe than any other branch of the armed forces. From the Gibraltar Rock attacks of 1704, to the Battle of Trafalgar in World War Two and modern-day operations in battles such as those of the Iraq war, the Royal Marines have a truly admirable history. Aerosaurus is very grateful to have been involved in this great commemorative event and would like to with the Royal Marines a very happy 350th anniversary!