Day 6 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta – Fresh Snow and 1 Sledge

17th January 2008    Holidays

Another disappointment today, the snow had fallen during the night and was still falling. So with flights once again cancelled, David and myself went for a coffee and cake and wandered the streets of Filzmoos. As disappointed as I was with the flights being cancelled it was a lovely day to walk around the village. The old Austrian village and architecture looked idyllic and complimented the snowfall amazingly.

The Story Of The Blurry Night

After the morning snow died down we purchased two sledges and re-lived our youths going down the ski slopes, in preparation for the night. That night we were due to be going up the mountain in snow-bashers to a little hut for drinks/food and then afterwards 11/12pm we were going to have to get back down the mountain somehow (hence the sledge practice). The night to be honest is a bit of a blur for this PUT (Pilot Under Training), I went off the slopes on the way down at midnight on my sledge and cut my neck/hit my head, consequently the night is a blur to me.