Day 7 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- The End

18th January 2008    Holidays

The last day of the fiesta was today (18th January), so we were keen to get a flight in. Sadly however it was still snowing and the weather had only got worse. Low cloud was now all around us and visibility was less than 500 metres meaning there was no chance what so ever of flight.

Snowy Filzmoos

Luckily though for us, all balloonists are health conscious individuals, so we prepared a walk for ourselves in an opposite valley. It was a breath-taking day so after 1hr we stopped for drinks and food and took in the scenery, before we turned around and returned back.

Our Last Day At Filzmoos

Upon arriving back at Filzmoos we recharged our batteries (slept) and then dressed up for the survivors dinner. It was the last night so awards were given out to all those that participated, as well as a ranking. We ended up 9th in total (out of 40 participants) and then returned back to our apartment to pack up.