New World Record For Standing On A Balloon At Altitude!

10th December 2021    Events

There is a new world record for standing on a hot air balloon at altitude. Valiant Frenchman Remi Ouvrard shattered the record as part of France’s annual Téléthon fundraising event. What’s even more impressive about this feat is that Remi broke his own record, outdoing his previous efforts by over 9000ft (around 2800 metres).

Standing On A Hot Air Balloon At Altitude – The New World Record

The balloon that Remi Ouvrard stood on top of, which was piloted by his father Jean-Daniel, reached a whopping 13,175ft (4,016m). So, this is the new world record for standing on a balloon at altitude! Previously, Remi had soared to 3,992ft (1,217m) whilst standing on top of a hot air balloon. The 28-year-old carried out his latest world record endeavour in the region of Chatellerault, France, on 10 November 2021. He stood on top of a metal chair during the flight.

The conditions were perfect on the day of the flight and Remi took to social media to give followers an insight into the experience, whilst he was actually on top of the balloon and still climbing; check out his tweet. As a hot air balloon company that provides exhilarating rides, we loved hearing of this news and would like to send our congratulations to Remi and those who made it possible behind the scenes!

Watch – Remi Ouvrard Smashed His Own World Record!

Take a look at Remi achieving a hot air balloon world record for yourself, in the video below. The video shows Remi’s ascent whilst aloft the balloon. After smashing his own world record, Remi told reporters that, despite the altitude, he did not feel cold at all. In fact, he remarked that the heat that was being generated from the balloon actually meant he was hot!

Reaction From The World Record Holder

Speaking after he broke the world record, he referred to an inspiration of his, French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Remi stated “I couldn’t replace Thomas Pesquet. But I’m going to try to get a little bit closer to where he was in space, as close as possible.”

Remi was referring to the initial objective of the flight, which was to reach at least 3,637 metres. Speaking of why this was the goal, Remi said “Why? Because the phone number to make donations is 36-37. So symbolically, we thought that it would have been great to reach at least this altitude.”

Whilst on top of the balloon, Remi is seen holding two signs, one with the letters ‘36’ and the other ‘37’, to encourage people to donate to the charity. The French Muscular Dystrophy Association (also known as AFM-Téléthon) helps those who suffer from handicaps as a result of genetic, rare and progressive diseases.

Who knows, maybe next year or further into the future, Remi will embark on a similar flight and break his hot air ballooning world record all over again. If Remi is able to achieve the feat, you will be able to read all about it through Aerosaurus Balloons.

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Featured Image Credit: Aero8610.