Ballooning Away Your Worries

10th May 2014    News

So, it’s Monday morning and again you don’t seem to be able to get yourself out of bed. Whether you’re going to a job, college or just the front door to get the newspaper, your mind is already counting the days till Saturday. A great weekend can enliven up the entire week, or at least till Thursday it can. Planning a weekend getaway or any other vacation is enough of a headache to make you reconsider your plan entirely. For those who love adventure and for those who don’t quite know what they love, a balloon ride in an Aerosaurus hot air balloon can be a vivid and gratifying experience which can leave you feeling energised and exhilarated.

There might be those who might faint at the sight of the word “air”, but a balloon ride is not as scary as it sounds. Hot air balloons are nothing new and for years they have been providing joy to a number of people. Believe it or not, all of them are able to land safely. Dedicated rides for families, friends, and children or just about anyone are easily arranged by Aerosaurus and add to the unforgettable experience. You can view the landscape from a vantage point and enjoy the pure excitement with your loved ones.

Hot Air Balloon Safety

Safety is by far the biggest concern for any ride and before you begin to imagine every worst case scenario, you should know that an air balloon ride is always conducted with proper safety equipment and countless measures which make sure that none of your rather baseless fears can materialise. It might seem unlikely but experts know how to take care of you and the balloon. For those who love the good life and wish to enjoy pure luxury mid air, an exorbitant executive class airline ticket is no longer the necessary prerogative. Champagne is served to all passengers mid-flight, providing a traditional touch of hot air ballooning.

A balloon ride will give you the opportunity of having a great time and the license of boasting about it to your friends for the rest of your life. It will make quite a catchy photo for your Facebook profile and you can be sure that you will spend the next week answering comments of all your fellow Facebook or MySpace beings. So the next time you hate a Monday, just plan an Aerosaurus balloon trip for Saturday and you will begin to grow rather fond of those Monday mornings. Contact us to book today.