The Best Books Featuring Hot Air Balloon Rides

11th October 2021    News

Since we are in the business of delivering fantastic hot air balloon ride experiences, we thought it appropriate to explore some of the best books featuring hot air balloon rides and share some good reads with our customers! Between Aerosaurus Balloons staff, we’ve read our fair share of books relating to ballooning, whether fiction or […]

Get To Know An Aerosaurus Balloons Pilot

3rd September 2021    News

The pilots at Aerosaurus Balloons have travelled all over the world by balloon, seeing so many beautiful sights from the sky. Barry, one of our balloon pilots offering hot air balloon rides over the South West, is included in this and to find out more, we’ve interviewed him so you can get to know him […]

5 Hot Air Balloon Films You Have To See

23rd June 2021    News

We’ve seen our fair share of hot air balloon films at Aerosaurus Balloons and thought it was high time that we shared our favourites! Therefore, we have outlined five of the best films to feature hot air balloons in this article. Some of the films that have made our list are not strictly what you […]

Get To Know Aerosaurus Balloons Crew Members

26th May 2021    News

At Aerosaurus Balloons, we have a tight-knit ballooning team and love spending time with each other! We know each other pretty well, but we thought it might be nice for you to gain an insight into some of the people that make up our wonderful crew team. In this article, we provide you with the […]

What Somerset Has To Offer From Above

9th April 2021    News

Somerset is an area of astounding beauty and a county enthralled in rich history. Just as there is plenty to do on foot, there is also a wealth of things to explore from the air. In this article, we explore what Somerset has to offer from above. You can enjoy all of the sights and […]

5 Of The Best Balloon Flight Locations

12th March 2021    News

At Aerosaurus Balloons, we’ve been fortunate enough to embark on balloon flights all over the world and experience some of the very best balloon flight locations. In this article, we share with you some of our favourite balloon flight locations in the world and provide some information as to why we rank them so highly. […]

6 Things To Do On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

12th February 2021    News

There are many things to enjoy about a hot air balloon ride. As a truly unique experience, the things you do and see whilst high in the skies make them all the more memorable. Whatever the occasion or purpose of your balloon ride, there’s much to admire along the way. In this article, we look […]

5 Attractions To Take In On A Devon Balloon Ride

14th January 2021    News

Devon is as rich in history as it is beautiful in appearance. There is so much to see in this county and we are here to provide the very best vantage point, from 3000 feet high. Devon is the fourth largest county in England and with 6,706 km² to cover, it should come as no […]

Balloon Flight Vouchers – An Alternative Christmas Gift

1st December 2020    News

Christmas has almost arrived and it’s a time of the year that we always get excited about, here at Aerosaurus Balloons. With the festive season comes the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular food whilst enjoying the company of close family members. Christmas is also a time to give and receive gifts that show how much […]

Black Friday Discount 2020 for Champagne Balloon Rides

13th November 2020    News

We are excited to announce that we are once again offering a HUGE discount on our Anytime Hot Air Balloon Flight Vouchers as part of our amazing Black Friday deal on Friday 27th November 2020. To receive the code, all you need to do is complete and submit the form below and we will send you the discount code […]