5 Hot Air Balloon Films You Have To See

23rd June 2021    News

We’ve seen our fair share of hot air balloon films at Aerosaurus Balloons and thought it was high time that we shared our favourites! Therefore, we have outlined five of the best films to feature hot air balloons in this article. Some of the films that have made our list are not strictly what you would call ballooning films, but they contain epic scenes that centre around hot air ballooning. Let’s delve into our list and discuss five of the best hot air balloon films, in our opinion!

5 Ballooning Films You Have To See

There are many ballooning films that didn’t make our top five, but those that do feature in our blog post stand out from the rest, in one way or another. From a Pixar classic to a ballooning thriller entwined in a complex love story, we’ve selected five films from varying genres, so we’re sure that you’ll enjoy at least one of them.

1.) Casanova

At the very top of our list, it has to be Casanova. The 2005 version of Casanova, which is classified under both the adventure and drama genres, stars Heath Ledger as Casanova and Sienna Miller as Francesca (the love interest). So, what is the film all about and how does a hot air balloon feature? Casanova has a reputation as a womaniser who pursues women regardless of their marital status.

However that all changes when his pursuit of the aloof Francesca leads him to fall in love. During this monumental and memorable adventure film, Casanova and Francesca embark on a hot air balloon flight over the romantic city of Venice. The flight is one of serene beauty. How do things pan out in the movie? You’ll have to see for yourself – we don’t want to spoil the narrative!

2.) Up

At two in our list of five must see hot air balloon films is Up. The 2009 Pixar film is loved by almost everyone, of any age. Up is an earnest film, filled with warmth and sincerity. Strictly not a ballooning film per say, there is something very profound in the way that the film epitomises the spirit of ballooning. What’s more, its family feel is also reflective of the fact that the ballooning industry is one big family!

During the family movie, the main character uses a large amount of balloons to take his house skywards. Protagonist Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old balloon salesman, fulfils his ambition of taking to the skies in his home and reaching the South American wilderness. However, he doesn’t account for the discovery of a young boy called Russell, who has also come along for the adventure Uh-oh!

3.) Enduring Love

Enduring Love is a 2004 mystery film directed by Roger Michell. A big screen adaptation of Ian McEwan’s famed novel, the film stars Daniel Craig as Joe and Samantha Morton as Claire. The two are strangers at the outset, yet they are brought together after witnessing a ballooning accident. Joe and Claire are out for a picnic when suddenly a hot air balloon comes into view, which the pilot is struggling to control.

The pilot tragically falls out, leaving a little boy in the basket. Seeing this, bystanders and onlookers rush to the little boy’s rescue and attempt to bring the balloon to safety by grabbing the trailing ropes. However, one by one, the helpers let go. This experience binds Joe and Claire together, but will their love prevail or will tragedy strike again? Enduring Love is a timeless watch and a phenomenal piece of literacy from Ian McEwan. A must watch.

4.) Five Weeks In A Balloon

Five Weeks in a Balloon is a 1962 adventure film, directed by Irwin Allen. The film is loosely based around the 1863 novel of the same name, written by Jules Verne. The film details how Britain commissions inventor Samuel Fergusson to claim a region of West African land. Fergusson, along with acquaintances Jacques, Susan Gale and Donald O’Shea, travel to Africa in a gigantic hot air balloon and encounter many eccentric characters along the way. Interestingly, ‘the father of modern hot air ballooning’ Don Piccard, was the film’s technical advisor.

5.) The Aeronauts

At number five in our list of five hot air balloons you have to see is The Aeronauts. This is the most recent ballooning film to make our list, having been released in 2019. The film, directed by Tom Harper and starring Felicity Jones, is a real nail-biting drama. Balloon pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher set out in a gas balloon to fly higher than anyone else that has come before them.

The ascent is dramatic and nervy, as they try and survive to tell the tale of their feats. On the ballooning mission, the scientist and the balloonist discover things about themselves, which helps them find their place in the world. The film is set in the 1860s and has been lauded for its visual effects. Definitely worth a watch in our opinion.

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We hope you enjoy some of, if not all, of the film recommendations mentioned in this article. If you believe that we have overlooked a certain ballooning film, why not contact us and let us know? We will consider your suggestion, watch the film (if we have yet to) and determine whether our list needs updating! To stay abreast with all updates and news from the Aerosaurus Balloons team, check back to our news section regularly or follow us on Facebook. Our team looks forward to seeing which new ballooning films may come out soon.