Hot Air Balloon Day 2019: Celebrating Balloon Flights Worldwide!

1st June 2019    News

Hot air balloon enthusiasts all over the world are preparing for the annual Hot Air Balloon Day, on June 5th. Our team of flight crew members and pilots are eagerly anticipating yet another celebration of passion, in the industry that just keeps on exciting.

The first manned hot air balloon flight took place in Paris, in 1783. As the oldest known form of technological transport to carry humans, the majesty of ballooning was just as enthralling in the 18th century as it is today.

The Method Behind the Magic

The balloon itself, otherwise known as the envelope, is used to contain the hot air while the basket – or gondola, as some refer to it as – houses the passengers and a means of creating the hot air, i.e. the burner. To discover a complete picture of hot air ballooning, visit our dedicated page How Hot Air Balloons Work.

There are many crazy facts about the history of hot air ballooning and how it has evolved since the first manned balloon flight in 1782. Did you know, Balloons are usually made out of nylon and have a melting point of about 230 degrees Celsius? Discover the full list of 10 Unusual Facts About Hot Air Balloons!



Celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day 2019 In Style

Come and join us and soar high above the irrepressible South West countryside, in celebration of Hot Air Balloon Day 2019. We ensure that every ride we set out on is planned to perfection, so that our staff and their passengers experience every desired area within the particular flight location. You won’t find a better hot air balloon experience in the South West!

Our ground and air crew are extremely knowledgeable about the areas and regions we fly over. Therefore, you’ll not only receive the chance to absorb unparalleled scenery and take in a first class hot air balloon experience, but you’ll be given the opportunity to learn of compelling, historical narratives.

We offer a list of balloon flight vouchers, which are ideal gifts for loved ones and give incredible flexibility. Our voucher options are as follows:

South West Balloon Flight Locations

  • Weekday AM Voucher – Take a weekday dawn flight anytime within 12 months of purchase (excluding bank holidays).
  • Anytime Voucher – Take a dawn or dusk ride anytime within 12 months of purchase, from any of our flight locations.
  • Buy Now Pay Later – This voucher gives you the option to pay an initial fee of £40pp and pay the remaining £100pp by the first of the following month.
  • Weekday Voucher – Take a dawn or dusk weekday ride anytime within a month of purchase.
  • Absolute Voucher – Valid any day of the week, morning or evening. The Absolute Voucher includes special Balloon in a Box delivery, as well as a baseball cap and in flight photos.
  • Refundable Anytime Voucher – Want to fly on a specific date? If you can’t make it, this voucher enables a full refund.
  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta – Fly amongst 140 balloons at the 2019 Bristol Balloon Fiesta!

We fly throughout a number of counties across the South West, including Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. We also fly over the delectable, unspoiled countryside of Mid & East Devon, as well as the mesmerizing rolling hills of South Devon. There are numerous convenient meeting locations across our flight destinations, which can be found on each dedicated destination page.

Passionate About Hot Air Balloons Rides

At Aerosaurus Balloons, we have a passion for flight and believe, naturally, that there’s no better way to travel than in a hot air balloon. Interested in the opportunity to capture the best views of South West England, in celebration of this special annual event? Discover our flight availability today and see where your ballooning adventure could take you.

New passengers can book a ride with us by contacting our friendly team directly on 01404 823102 while passengers that have flown with us before can arrange a flight by calling 01404 823325. We can’t wait to celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day 2019 with you!