Ballooning Season is Upon Us!

23rd April 2018    News

You cheer! We cheer! People in back gardens all across the south cheer! Hot air balloon season is back and we’ve missed it thoroughly. We’re excited to get all of you out there – we’re sure you’re excited too! Hot air ballooning is one of the greatest things you can do on this here planet so this comes as no surprise.

Now Is The Time — But How Did We Get Here?

The wonderful activity came about when brothers – perhaps the most influential brothers ever? – Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier invented the hot air balloon. Joseph came about the groundbreaking idea one evening; standing over a chimney fire, his t-shirt inflated as he leaned over the fire, he realised, due to the fact that hot air is lighter than colder air, that the fire could lift or inflate objects. The revelation was followed by a brainstorming session with this brother — they were enthralled.

They took the notion and furthered it. You could say they took their discovery to the skies… They thought if hot air was blown into a massive balloon, it could lift something, perhaps even a person. After some time and copious amounts of vigorous research, the brothers embarked on the first ever manned hot air balloon flight. It was in that moment the industry we’re in was born.

Balloon Season

Should I Take To The Skies?

And now is the time that industry flourishes. Our skies become more populated more than ever. Perhaps this sight of all these balloons and the rising temperature outside is making you think hmm, perhaps I should get in one of those hot air balloons? You know, they look pretty fun! Equally scary, though. — this is a thought commonly presented to us.

We want everyone to be able to do this. And considering fear is stopping a lot of people, we thought today we’d share some reviews to make you feel more at ease with the idea.


Great from start to finish. Arthur, the pilot, was fantastic: great humour and made you feel safe. Saw two buzzards from above, which was a first for me. Getting involved with setting up and packing up was good as well. So lovely and quiet a truly beautiful way to see this part of Devon.

Sukie, Truro

We took the afternoon flight in October 2017 and from the very start was made to feel welcome and part of the team. The weather was amazing (unusual, I know) and the team were informative and friendly.

Once at the meeting point, we were taken to a chosen location and then assisted in erecting the balloon before the flight. The views were amazing and whilst in air we were offered champagne or a soft drink. Instructions on landing positions were given to us and then once we landed, we assisted in packing the balloon away before heading back to our meeting point.

Donna, Burnham-on-sea

This was bought for me as a birthday gift. I was Lucky enough to fly at the first attempt as the weather was fantastic. Very efficient and friendly automated phone call to check flight weather the night before. Friendly, competent pilot and support crew.

Jayne, Salisbury

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole morning from start to finish. My husband thought it was great helping inflate the balloon!

It was a great experience for the whole family, the team all made our 11-year-old son feel so at ease and part of things (how great to tell his mates he stood inside a hot air balloon while it was on its side being inflated).

I’m scared of heights but I did not feel scared at all during the flight it was very calm, quiet, and relaxing. I’ve been telling my friends all day how amazing and peaceful it is up there!

TripAdvisor User, BugsBunny32

Aerosaurus Balloons

So there you have it. Any fears or qualms about this wonderful thing, hopefully these reviews soothe them. If they don’t, we’re more than happy to take your call – we’ve been helping people get over these stresses for years now.