Charlie Street on Becoming a Pilot – The Exams

15th May 2008    News

After having spent time in Spain and Austria flying and studying. I’ve now taken all my exams for my PPL (private pilots license). There were 5 exams in total, Navigation, Meteorology, Human Factors, Ballooning Systems and Air Law all of which have 20 questions (except for Human Factors, which has 10).

In the end the exams were a success, I passed Air Law with 100% in Spain (with the famous Kevein Meehan and Tim Revel as my instructors/tutors) and then at Cameron’s Factory in Bristol I passed the other exams with Colin Wolstenholme as the examiner. On the whole I was happy with my results, granted I had to re-do Navigation (obviously, the hardest exam), but in the retake I got over 80%.

Balloon Flight Training With Aerosaurus

If you are interested in becoming a PPL or want to find out more generally about learning to fly don’t forget Aerosaurus offers balloon pilot training.

On a separate note I’d like to say many thanks to Cameron Balloons who as part of their continued commitment to ballooning allow PUT’s (Pilot’s Under Training) to do exams for free!