Day 1 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta – Arrival

12th January 2008    Holidays

Finally the 29th Annual Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta kicked off on the 12th Of January, with 40 Hot Air Balloons taking part in the small village of Filzmoos (South Salzburg, Austria). I joined Alba Ballooning for this event comprising of a team of 1 pilot and 4 crew, 1 land rover and 1 balloon.


Day One of Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta

After arriving at Salzburg airport we drove south up into the Alps to the village of Filzmoos and ’signed in’, collected our hot air balloon banner, gassed up and went to the weeks’ briefing in the local centre. Once the administration was complete we had a quick drink and pizza before retreating to our apartment.

International Balloon Festivals

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