Family Half Term Ballooning Adventure

13th October 2014    News

Kids across the country will be breaking up from school for yet another holiday in a few weeks, from the 24th October and so, no doubt they will be tugging on your patience for ways to keep them entertained. If you haven’t made any plans yet or even if you have why not treat the whole family to a magical hot air balloon ride over either Devon, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset and give them an exciting memory that will stay with them.

Half Term Balloon Flights

Together as a family you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime where you will all soar high above the beautiful countryside and maybe even over your own house! Ballooning in Autumn can be one of the most spectacular times of year to fly as the landscape changes in colour and texture whilst the chimneys pump out smoke and animals run wild across the fields. Check out our remaining available flights and book all the family on a memorable adventure of a lifetime.

Half Term Available Flights

25/10/2014 – Plymouth & South Hams – AM

25/10/2014 – Cornwall – PM

26/10/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – AM

26/10/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – PM

27/10/2014 – Cornwall – AM

27/10/2014 – Plymouth & South Hams – PM

30/10/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – AM

30/10/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – PM

30/10/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – PM

31/10/2014 – Salisbury & S.Wilts – AM

31/10/2014 – Dorset – PM

01/11/2014 – Exeter (Mid & East Devon) – PM

01/11/2014 – Salisbury & S.Wilts – PM

02/11/2014 – Cornwall – AM

02/11/2014 – Plymouth & South Hams – PM

02/11/2014 – Dorset – PM

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Kids Activities During Half Term

Take your kids away from their computers, phone and laptop for just a moment to show them what they are missing if they just looked up for just a moment to experience the beauty of the world from high above. It will be a really special time for the whole family to get together. Send your kids back to school with new stories and a hot air ballooning certificate to prove it! Contact us 01404 823102