Check for Flight Availability

12th August 2008    News

Trying to book a date for that once in a lifetime experience has never been so easy. The Aerosaurus Balloons website allows you to book up to two dates for your hot air balloon flight as well as allowing potential customers to check flight availability before they purchase balloon flight vouchers.

Unsure? Our Team Members Can Help You Booking Your Flights

To check Flight Availability all you need to do is chose your meeting location, and whether you want to fly in the morning or evening, and then you just click on ‘Check Availability’. Within seconds you’ll get real time information on flights with spaces still left on them.

Alternatively for customers with out Internet access you can call the office on 01404-823102 and speak to one of our team members who will read you out the flight dates and book you on your chosen selection.

Once passengers have chosen their date/dates we send them a handy little confirmation postcard via email or post for their own records.