Grab Your Ballooning Pictures!

17th December 2013    News

Since Aerosaurus Balloons launched over 25 years ago our team have enjoyed taking passengers from all over the UK and further afield on hot air balloon flights. Every flight has been different as the variations in the weather can influence the flight totally. Especially with the speed and direction of the wind you never know at the time of take-off exactly where we’re going to land so no 2 flights are ever exactly the same. Also, we see a variety of different people from all walks of life jump in the basket and come fly with us, with everyone experiencing the flight from a different point of view.

Photo Competition

Bringing Your Camera On The Flight

One item that many of our passengers tend to take with them during their flight is a camera, whether it’s a simple camera phone or the latest digital camera, some of the pictures that have been taken are simply breath-taking. Seeing the world from a bird’s eye view is something special and until you have tried it it’s difficult to communicate this to others. However a picture does go a long way to describe what you may see.

Following many flights, pictures that passengers have taken from the balloon are often shared with us on social networks and via email. In addition, we are sent pictures from people on the ground who capture the ballooning experience from a different perspective entirely. There are so many talented photographers out there and we have learned that there are a variety of different ways to capture a hot air ballooning “moment” through the lens of a camera.

We wanted to create a place on the Aerosaurus website so you could share your hot air ballooning pictures as well as view those taken by others. As an incentive for posting your pictures we decided to make it into a competition so you can win prizes for the best pictures. You will also be able to rate other peoples pictures, therefore allowing both Aerosaurus passengers and the public to decide the winners.

Our Photo Competition

The competition as a whole will be broken down into 2 parts and there will be a winner for each. Pictures taken from the balloon and pictures taken from the ground. The terms and conditions of the competition allow you to have as many entries as you like and the pictures can be of any hot air balloon (or balloons), not just Aerosaurus. They do however have to be your pictures!

So if you have a picture of your hot air balloon ride or if you have never had the pleasure just yet but have taken pictures from the ground, enter your pictures into the Aerosaurus competition, share your photos and rate others and be in with a chance of winning!