Health Benefits of Ballooning

30th June 2014    News

Hot air ballooning is an exhilarating and wonder-filled experience. When you’re floating up alongside the birds it’s unlikely you’ll be thinking about your health – the view is just too beautiful. However, as fresh air and relaxation are two of the body’s primary needs, ballooning can actually improve your well being in many ways.

Although regular cardio exercise is essential for keeping in shape, taking the time to unwind is just as important for physical and emotional wellness. There is no better way to do so than with a hot air balloon ride.

Ballooning exhilaration boosts health

The first thing you will feel on a balloon flight is the excitement of seeing the world below shrink into miniature as the expansive sky takes on breathtaking proportions. This exhilaration releases endorphins in the brain, making you feel happier not only during the balloon flight, but also for long afterwards.

This mental stimulation may also slightly increase the heart rate, improving the oxygenation of the blood which is integral to overall health, and even burning off slightly more calories.

Peace of mind

After the initial excitement, whilst flying through the sky, our customers often comment on how calm they feel. You will become aware of the unbelievable quiet and peace as you realise how much noise you are usually surrounded by on a daily basis. In the balloon you can truly be yourself, the only distraction being the beautiful views of our many stunning ballooning locations.

Peace and quiet allows you to unwind. Relaxation is proven to improve the immune system, protecting the body from ailments such as colds, as well as improving memory and judgement, and reducing stress and depression.

Not only this, but taking time to be calm is even thought to reduce the risk of experiencing serious health issues such as stokes. Relaxing also improves your skin and makes it easier to stay slim and healthy.

The peace of the balloon ride will make you feel happy and calm – we estimate as much as a massage or several yoga sessions could. As you feel your mood soar, your health will be growing beside it.

Get refreshed with fresh ballooning air

suspension bridge balloon fiesta

Fresh air is a multi-tasking health warrior, and luckily up in a hot air balloon it is in plentiful supply. Clean air is far more efficient at cleaning your lungs out of airborne toxins, as it is pure and allows the lungs to dilate more fully. Many of us live in towns and cities with polluted air, which is good for neither the lungs or a variety of other ailments. For example, those with high blood pressure would benefit from the fresh ballooning air as it makes it easier for the blood to become oxygenated without other pollution-related chemicals in the mix.

The amount of oxygen you take in directly affects the proper functioning of Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the hormone regulating emotional balance, and a good amount of it can promote happiness and even combat depression. The brain requires 20% of the body’s overall oxygen supply to work at its best, so fresh air also improves mental function and energy levels, boosting concentration and productivity.

Not only can the clean air you breathe up in the balloon improve your mood, but also your body. A rich supply of oxygen enables white blood cells to work efficiently in the immune system to prevent illness, and makes digestion more efficient, which is hugely important in regulating a healthy weight.

Sunlight melts away worries

Not every day in Britain is a sunny one, but on a balloon ride you are bound to increase your exposure to sunlight. This is great for your health in numerous ways. When our skin takes in sunlight, a complex biological process transforms its energy into Vitamin D. This vitamin is proven to fight mild depression and significantly boost happiness. Maintaining good levels of Vitamin D in the body is also thought to prevent certain cancers and multiple sclerosis, as well as reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s. Sunlight is also extremely efficient at healing skin conditions, along with improving bone health, as vitamin D facilitates the uptake of Calcium in body cells. As if all this wasn’t enough, sunlight causes the release of melatonin, which can improve the quality of sleep.

And a real workout…

As you can see, the health benefits of relaxing hot air balloon flights are many. However, there is also the option to add in a real team workout by participating in the balloon rigging and de-rigging process! We love you to get involved with the whole experience, and this is the best way to do so. This is not an overly strenuous activity, however it will get your heart pumping, which is brilliant for physical health. First, we unpack and roll out the balloon on the ground. We then unfold the balloon envelope and hold the neck of the balloon as the pilot turns on the burners to fill it with hot air so it inflates. Upon landing, everyone mucks in by jumping on the balloon and rolling around to deflate excess air from it. This is a fun and laughter-filled exercise that definitely beats the gym! Rigging and de-rigging is also a great team-building exercise, strengthening friendships and building your confidence. This alone is brilliant for your health as it makes you happy. if you want to add in another workout you could add in a brisk walk before or after the flight, to take in the view from a ground-level perspective that will make your experience up in the air even more outstanding.

Not only is ballooning an unforgettable experience that creates many happy family memories to last a lifetime, but it also significantly improves your health in a variety of ways. Book a flight today to see the effects for yourself!