Make Hot Balloon Experiences Part of Your 2019 Resolutions

4th January 2019    Travel

It’s that time of the calendar where we create new and exciting resolutions which we promise we are going to stick to (until at least February anyway!). The obligatory lose weight, drink less and spend less time on social media ‘to-dos’ are jotted down on a piece of paper and forgotten about after a week…

However, here at Aerosaurus Balloons, we believe that bigger is better and that people should pledge to do more instead of promising to do less in 2019. Our New Year resolutions ideas, such as experiencing your first ever UK hot air balloon ride, gives everyone the chance to choose something ‘out of the ordinary’. Come with us and soar higher than ever before!

Explore more of the world

Thornbury Castle Hot Air Balloon Ride

As some of the top public figures say: “Travel is the best form of education.” There is no denying that getting out into the fresh air and seeing things first hand will improve your knowledge of how the world works. That’s why choosing a balloon flight voucher with us can give you the best panoramic and ‘live’ experience of the world around you. With air balloon flights in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset, you will expand your knowledge about the beautiful South West, as well as having the time of your life!

Less Screen Time, More Balloon Flight Time

Hot Air Balloon in Tiverton Devon

Social Media has certainly taken over our lives in the past several years. As research has proven a link between anxiety/depression with an increase of screen time, we would encourage people to get out and get creative! Being outside and interacting with nature is a great way to ease stress and alleviate tension. That’s why our brilliant array of South West balloon flights offer the perfect start to your creative journey.

From a higher panoramic, perspective in a hot air balloon basket, you are able to capture stunning photos to share with family and friends on the ground. Why not use them as a template to create a beautiful painting for yourself or as a gift to a loved one? Opening your eyes to a multitude of colour during a balloon ride will enable you to see the world in the different light and take in what you’ve been missing behind your screen!

Give More, Gift More

If you’ve got a 25th wedding celebration to gift for, or you’re looking to capture the heart of your loved one this Valentine’s Day, then we have the perfect air balloon ride vouchers to cater for your needs. Our flight availability schedule means that your friends and family can choose from an array of flight locations, dates and times, enhancing their experience that little further.

What’s more, by gifting more to the people you love will make you feel better, too! It’s a win-win situation!

Make your year Fantastic with Hot Air Balloon Rides in 2019

With an expert team of staff on hand to make your 2019 a year to remember, contact us via our phone or email address to inquire about our range of balloon flight vouchers. Our pilots have decades worth of combined experience working in some of the most beautiful locations in the world and we can’t wait to have you on board with us next year!