The Growing Sport of Balloon Spotters

6th March 2010    News

Since the start of Hot Air Ballooning, in 1783, it has been an admired sport with people travelling for miles to attend Balloon Festivals and watch the spectacle. The first flight in London attracted 100,000 people alone and since then the admiration for ballooning hasn’t died.

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Now-a-days people who watch balloons are known as Balloon Spotters and the sport, Balloon Spotting. In the UK there is an estimated 1,500 Spotters in total. How do you become one? The answer is easy. Balloon Spotters, like train spotters, spend their free time logging Balloons they see in the sky. Every balloon, by law, has an registration number. The spotter looks for this number on a balloon and then writes it down.

If Balloon Spotting seems like the thing for you then the best way to start is to either go to a local Meeting Location or attend a Hot Air Balloon Festival.

For a list of all our balloons, and registrations, have a look at our fleet and equipment. Let us know if you have any queries.