The Importance of Landowner & Customer Relations

4th December 2007    News

Aerosaurus Balloons has probably the best landowner and customer relations in the UK. The companies Operations Manager and Chief Pilot Arthur Street is a South West Regional Land Owner Relations officer, liaising with the British Ballooning and Airship Club (BBAC), the National Farmers Union (NFU) and the Country Land & Business Association (CLA).

Red Tractor

Arthur who previously worked in the farming industry has a great understanding of livestock and landowner issues and regards good landowner relations, and an understanding of agriculture, as paramount importance with running a business reliant on the goodwill of landowners and farmers (the balloons have to land somewhere!). After any balloon flight, Aerosaurus Balloons always contacts the landowner or land manager and seeks permission to retrieve the Hot Air Balloon and all crew and pilots receive training in land & livestock issues.

Caring For Our Customers

Aerosaurus Balloons also takes great care in its customer relations, with a friendly office and flying team more people than ever are coming to us through personal recommendation. In the 2007 flying season we received a constant stream of ‘thank yous’ from happy passengers, to see some of our passenger feedback from just one flying season visit our feedback section.

Alternatively, contact us to find out how to leave feedback on our site or in the form of a Google review.