Western Region BBAC Training 2008

7th January 2008    News

During the months of February and March (2008) there will be training courses for PUT’s (Pilots Under Training) or anyone else who is entangled with hot air ballooning (crew, staff e.t.c).

The Following is available:

  • February 9th-PUT Forum, Meteorology and Air Law courses.
  • February 10th-Balloon Systems, Human Factors, Navigation and Flight Planning and PUT Forum courses.
  • March 15th- Landowner Relations Seminar, Pilots Forum.
  • March 16th- Disaster Managment Seminar, Disaster Fire & First Aid Seminar.

To find out more either contact Charlie Street or the Western Region BBAC directly.

Aerosuraus Balloons

This is the perfect chance to gain highly knowledgeable and skilled training with some of the best hot air balloon pilots in the South West. Aerosaurus specialise in balloon flight packages for small to large groups and is one of the leading balloon companies in the South West. Come and join us to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!