Day 6 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- Fresh Snow and 1 Sledge

17th January 2008    News

Another disappointment today, the snow had fallen during the night and was still falling. So with flights once again cancelled, David and myself went for a coffee and cake and wandered the streets of Filzmoos. As disappointed as I was with the flights being cancelled it was a lovely day to walk around the village. […]

Day 5 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- A Journey to Salzburg

16th January 2008    News

The briefing today was a disappointment, no weather information was given, only a simple “no flying today” was all that was said. Sadly the weather had started to break and was coming in from the North West (low cloud and snow fall). Fortunately, a member of our team needed to go home today (Tam), so […]

Day 4 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- Long Haul Air Balloon Flight

15th January 2008    News

Now with one flight under our belts and a clear sky above our heads, we went out on Tuesday (15th January) with optimistic hopes. We had, once again, got the “all clear” and rumours had started spreading about a low band of pressure coming in for the next couple days, making today a very important […]

Day 3 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta – The First Flight

14th January 2008    News

We woke the following morning (Mon 14th January) to a clear and beautiful blue sky, so after the “all clear” at the briefing we marched to the launch field with eager attitudes and inflated our Alba Balloon. A flight of 1hr 30mins took part that morning for ourselves, due to a heavy load and indecisive […]

Day 1 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta – Arrival

12th January 2008    News

Finally the 29th Annual Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta kicked off on the 12th Of January, with 40 Hot Air Balloons taking part in the small village of Filzmoos (South Salzburg, Austria). I joined Alba Ballooning for this event comprising of a team of 1 pilot and 4 crew, 1 land rover and 1 balloon. Day One […]

Western Region BBAC Training 2008

7th January 2008    News

During the months of February and March (2008) there will be training courses for PUT’s (Pilots Under Training) or anyone else who is entangled with hot air ballooning (crew, staff e.t.c). The Following is available: February 9th-PUT Forum, Meteorology and Air Law courses. February 10th-Balloon Systems, Human Factors, Navigation and Flight Planning and PUT Forum […]