The 12 Best Balloon Flight Locations

12th March 2021    News

At Aerosaurus Balloons, we’ve been fortunate enough to embark on balloon flights all over the world and experience some of the very best balloon flight locations. Whether it’s flying high above the River Nile in Egypt, taking in the breathtaking views served up by Serengeti or floating over a luscious white blanket of snow in […]

6 Things To Do On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

12th February 2021    News

There are many things to enjoy about a hot air balloon ride. As a truly unique experience, the things you do and see whilst high in the skies make them all the more memorable. Whatever the occasion or purpose of your balloon ride, there’s much to admire along the way. In this article, we look […]

5 Attractions To Take In On A Devon Balloon Ride

14th January 2021    News

Devon is as rich in history as it is beautiful in appearance. There is so much to see in this county and we are here to provide the very best vantage point, from 3000 feet high. Devon is the fourth largest county in England and with 6,706 km² to cover, it should come as no […]

Balloon Flight Vouchers – An Alternative Christmas Gift

1st December 2020    News

Christmas has almost arrived and it’s a time of the year that we always get excited about, here at Aerosaurus Balloons. With the festive season comes the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular food whilst enjoying the company of close family members. Christmas is also a time to give and receive gifts that show how much […]

‘The Father of Modern Hot Air Ballooning’ Dies At 94

26th October 2020    News

Don Piccard, the man who many deem to be ‘the father of modern hot air ballooning’, has died aged 94. In this article, we pay tribute to Don by detailing his life story and how he came to earn such a prestigious title from both those in the ballooning world and others looking in from […]

South West Private Balloon Flights During Covid-19

17th September 2020    News

It has been a difficult time for us all of late, as interaction with others has been severely restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we are not able to offer our customers group balloon flights at the moment, we are able to offer South West private small balloon flights. In this article, we focus […]

Visit Britain ‘Good To Go’ Award for Aerosaurus Balloons

1st September 2020    News

Aerosaurus Balloons are elated to announce that we have received the Visit Britain ‘Good to Go’ award. The award assures our current and prospective flyers that we are a completely safe hot air balloon flight provider and that we always adhere to government and Public Health England guidelines. With Aerosaurus Balloons being a leading balloon […]

Aerosaurus’ Balloon Flight Vouchers Guarantee Amid COVD-19

20th May 2020    News

There is a lot of uncertainty attached to the COVID-19 outbreak yet, at Aerosaurus Balloons, we are adapting to the situation to ensure that our customers get the protection they deserve with regards to our balloon flight vouchers. We are pleased to announce that we’re providing all customers with a balloon flight voucher guarantee. Our […]

Embark on A UK Balloon Flight in Your Chosen South West Location

15th February 2020    News

The Aerosaurus Balloons team may have extensive experience of taking off in locations throughout the South West, providing some of the best UK balloon flights to flyers across the nation. We now cover all regions in the South West, providing a great deal of variety in our balloon flights in the UK, when it comes […]

Take Your Love to New Heights this Valentine’s Day

28th January 2020    News

With Valentine’s Day almost here, have you considered celebrating your love and relationship from 3000 ft high in the sky? Take your love to new heights this year by celebrating Valentine’s Day in a hot air balloon ride above the captivating scenery and picturesque views of the South West. Our hot air balloons provide the […]