Ballooning In Spain

5th March 2008    News

Once again this young PUT (Pilot Under Training) is lucky enough to be abroad ballooning. I’m currently in Spain at the Ultramagic Academy in Igualada attending a course on Hot Air Ballooning. The end aim being that I pass all my exams and successfully fly one solo flight. This then will mean I’ll officially be […]

Charlie Streets First Thoughts on Ultramagic

5th March 2008    News

After settling into my new home for the next 2+ weeks, the previous night, I prepared for the task ahead of me: Passing 5 CAA exams (Navigation, Meteorology, Human Performance, Ballooning Systems and Air Law) as well as a tether and one solo flight. A daunting aspect for any mere mortal! It was 6AM in […]

Day 7 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- The End

18th January 2008    News

The last day of the fiesta was today (18th January), so we were keen to get a flight in. Sadly however it was still snowing and the weather had only got worse. Low cloud was now all around us and visibility was less than 500 metres meaning there was no chance what so ever of […]

Day 6 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- Fresh Snow and 1 Sledge

17th January 2008    News

Another disappointment today, the snow had fallen during the night and was still falling. So with flights once again cancelled, David and myself went for a coffee and cake and wandered the streets of Filzmoos. As disappointed as I was with the flights being cancelled it was a lovely day to walk around the village. […]

Day 5 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- A Journey to Salzburg

16th January 2008    News

The briefing today was a disappointment, no weather information was given, only a simple “no flying today” was all that was said. Sadly the weather had started to break and was coming in from the North West (low cloud and snow fall). Fortunately, a member of our team needed to go home today (Tam), so […]

Day 4 Filzmoos Balloon Fiesta- Long Haul Air Balloon Flight

15th January 2008    News

Now with one flight under our belts and a clear sky above our heads, we went out on Tuesday (15th January) with optimistic hopes. We had, once again, got the “all clear” and rumours had started spreading about a low band of pressure coming in for the next couple days, making today a very important […]